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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions that people have about VIP Trailers®.

Our trailers are custom-built, top of the line, new, clean and the most beautifully designed restrooms in the market.

We enhanced all trailers to include both hot and cold water, heat, air conditioning, and lights. We've added optional features like music and low glow lights on steps and around the undercarriage for both safety and to make the units more attractive.

All stalls have been customized with a purse hook so that there's no need for ladies to set their purses on the floor.

In addition to these conveniences that make for a better experience, our commitment to excellence drives us to put your needs first and our flexibility makes your job easy. With years of industry experience, our detailed planning and coordination make your event a success.

Yes, both water and power are required.

However, if neither is available on site, that's not a problem. We can accommodate your specific needs with generators, temporary holding tanks and pump systems.

The guest list size, duration of event, and location of your venue are the best indicators of restroom size.

Here is a good rule of thumb for a six-hour event depending on set up:

  • Two stall restrooms are great for up to 150 people.
  • Four stall restrooms are great for up to 300 people.
  • Ten stall restrooms are great for up to 700 people.

  • These estimates are based on an event where no alcohol is served. If alcohol is served, increase your stall count by 50%.

    A more detailed worksheet for number of restrooms needed can be found here:

    Please complete the order form for standard pricing. You can also lock in your reservation by completing the checkout process online.

    Please keep in mind that we have made every effort to anticipate your needs but as your event becomes more complex (duration, location, accessibility, additional services, etc.,), customization may be required which comes with additional costs.

    We will coordinate with you prior to the event to ensure that everything is all set.

    Pricing includes delivery and setup as well as break-down and removal.

    Yes. Pricing includes initial stocking of paper products and the initial cleaning. Standard pricing includes one service per day. For extended events, additional services will incur a charge.

    These details will be provided through the ordering process, after which time we will coordinate with you prior to delivery.

    We have special rates for extended rentals. We will get you the best possible rate for a longer rental.

    For a Saturday event, we typically deliver on the Friday before and pick up the Sunday or Monday after. Sundays and weekday events may vary.

    We are flexible – please complete the order form and tell us what you need. We will take care of you!

    For smaller trailers the required utilities are:
  • 20 amps of power with a 110v outlet (or a 3000-watt generator)
  • Standard garden hose outlet

  • Larger trailers require two 110v outlets or a 7000-watt generator.

    On a standard delivery, we provide 100 foot extension cord and a 100 foot hose as standard equipment. Need more? Just ask!

    Possibly. Pricing includes initial stocking of paper products and the initial cleaning. For extended events, pricing includes one service per day and any additional services will incur a charge.

    We will confirm details and make sure that you are all set before delivery.

    We take care of everything! We bring at least 100 feet of extension cord and 100 feet of hose with each event. Need more? Just ask!

    We take care of everything related to the trailer rental. You just put on a fabulous event and we take care of the rest.

    * Attendee estimates are based on a six-hour event. We strongly encourage adding more services or more facilities for extended times to avoid an embarrassing emergency at your event. If alcohol is served, increase order quantity by 50%.

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